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Virtual support of value aimed at banks, supported by stable indexes.


Cryptocurrency is not well suited for the current status of the world economy. With its wild fluctuations and speculative nature, banks and investors alike are not keen to work with, much less back such a volatile platform. This makes wide adoption difficult which in turn keeps cryptocurrency as a niche in various parts of the world.

TK Mint aims to combat these types of shortcomings by using the best of both worlds, a virtual support of value. One that is not based on blockchain technology and that is able to be backed by banks while being supported by a proprietary index, the TK Index.

  • Virtual support of value
  • Barter Ecosystem
  • Bank Level Security

Uses cases

Whether it be for a sack of oranges, a few heads of cattle or an ingot of gold, TK Mint allows for the digitization of an ecosystem that is being held back due to a lack of access to technology and banks.


A mining family in Africa that is exchanging their daily excavations for deflated local currency, subject to fraud and theft. TK Mint is able to locally digitize these minerals in real time and give the miners access to a digital world that was not previously accessible.


A farmer in rural China that is used to an old world economy. TK Mint digitizes the farmer, connecting them to a modern world, now being banked via a Virtual support of value that will not experience volatile fluctuations in price.


A cattle rancher used to bartering goats for fresh vegetables on a weekly basis. TK Mint enables this rancher to monetize his cattle, sell meat and milk for currency that will enable them to purchase additional cattle and increase his production.

Get Access to TK Mint

TK Mint is a software platform available via licensing. This is nonexclusive and tailored to the needs of the markets in which the platform is deployed.

Licensees pay TK Mint a license fee to modify software based on the needs of the Licensee and reserve access to the system. There is also a fee-for-service in the form of a royalty paid based on the effective deployment of the services.

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